How to be successful in life.

Is this a click-bait title? you bet it is! okay, okay before you curse my guts….am not usually this “enterprising” but guess what, you are still here! lets therefore forget how you got here and get comfortable..shall we?

I love writing…or i think i do. The moment i start i just never want to stop and don’t get me wrong, am sure that is clear indicator that am on my way to Forbes bestseller list of 2035 but getting to the actual writing,….might as well make it the list of the year 14000 (sob, sob,…). On a serious note though, am trying to analyze why this happens. Unfortunately however all my analysis has only got me as far as naming this condition…enter “Goat Syndrome” hereafter referred to as “GS” .

Before you question my sanity let me explain the reason for this name. Goats are beautiful animals. The kids are utterly cute and when grown provide some really tasty chevon. Sadly this isn’t about the advantages of goats so i’ll move right on. If you have reared goats in a way that you have to take them to the pasture, i can guarantee you have some really mean biceps. How would you not with the tugging and pulling you have to go through every time you are leading our distant relations to feed. The resistance these fellows put up, you would think they are headed to the slaughterhouse! And guess what? when its time to leave who has to be tugged back again? you got it..the same goat who almost got strangled when being brought there.  They enjoy eating the fodder so much they do not want to leave… remind you of someone?

I am a real goat when it comes to writing…and in so many other things alright. After serious thought, i have come out to help my fellow “goats” by forming the “Goat Association” Am i serious? of course am not. I might be off my rocker most times but today is not one of them…thank God. In my case, this so called “goat syndrome’ is just a fancy way of saying procrastination. This has prevented many of us from pursing our dreams. Its an evil that attacks our callings and talents making them eventually go to waste.

Procrastination.  The continuous postponing and foregoing of tasks that need to be accomplished. Deadline or no deadline, as long as you find yourself mysteriously putting off even the most mundane tasks because of one reason or another, i hate it to break it to you but you are perpetual procrastinator. There are other terms for postponing stuff but if it procrastination, that is the bad type of foregoing or postponing of tasks i assure you.

I got two words for you…i mean us.. DO IT!

Thinking of doing it later, tomorrow, tonight, next week, just DO IT! NOW!  trust me, you will soon get into the habit of doing your tasks, chores, assignments, coursework and anything you are meant to. Yes thank me later.

In response to this challenge i pose to you…us, i promise to be back next week with a report on how doing stuff immediately has gone…or is going. Perhaps then i’ll even have more information on this evil that is crippling our already disabled generation.

Other than that, this is a gentle reminder that God loves you, is in love with you, procrastinator or not… and cannot wait for you to spend time with Him.

Psalms 100: 3-5 Know that the Lord is God. It is He who made us, and we are His, we are His people, the sheep of His pasture. Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise, give thanks to Him and praise His name. For the Lord is good and His love endures forever, His faithfulness continues through all generations.

scene 1

plot 256 sundry, kish valley. 3:45 pm

“And these were my mother’s pearls. she got them as a wedding gift from her aunt tabitha. They are the perfect complement to this shade of magenta.”

“Honestly Lois… i can’t…suppose,……….”

“Oh don’t be silly child, i wanted my daughter to have them after me and so you’ll wear them to the gala this evening and that is final!”

Yep..that was final alright. Lois, always patronizing… in her own good way though. Guess i needed that sometimes. Who in their right mind needed to be begged to wear natural, 18th century Persian pearls especially with the kind of event that the gala was? Nope, no one but me. And i was in my right mind… rightest mind if there was ever such a word.

I had to give this to Lois though after all, she had lost out on the dress…and the gloves..and the tiara… but seriously who still wears tiaras to events unless you’re queen. right? Infact even she has off days! I could not claim a total victory over the dress because i had to settle for magenta.. Lois’s fave color. A sacrifice i was willing to make so that we could leave the store for them to close..or else, never mind.

I  stood still for a while staring at my reflection in the mirror. The dress of floor length was inconspicuous yet alluring in a way. Don’t get me wrong here, i was still on my one year modesty challenge. Yes! even after starting again 54..rather 56 times. Come to think of it, the allure came from its promise of the lean figure it so masterfully obscured from view or must have been my chocolate complexion blending with the magenta. The bateau neckline flattered my broad shoulders and the fitted bodice emphasized my tiny bosom helped by the illusion created by the beaded belt around my waist, that was the attachment to the pleated skirt.

“Well….., hello there beautiful. do i know you?”

“Cut it Hazor! the young lady has no time for such flippant talk”

“Its okay to be jealous Lois… it is actually healthy. I must admit, you have made a queen out of her… just as you had promised. My girl you are such a beauty but how you manage to make it look otherwise, i gotta give it to you. Am scared i might lose you at the gala now.”

“Trust me..that might be the best thing that might happen to you because i’ll be glued to your arm and not even the metal detector will shake me off. ”



Questions to God; How much TIME is left?

lets look at the bigger picture, lately the media is awash with stories of  natural disasters, political turmoil in almost every continent, religious wars and persecutions, moral decay in forms never thought of before and so many other tale-tell signs of the end times. at such moments I usually ask myself, is this the time? 

In one such moment i chose to ask God rather than myself after-all all these years i still had failed to answer myself. It is written that the day of the lord is near and so many writers in the bible charge us with being pure till that day which they say is soon. Having been written over 2000 years ago, its only natural for us to wonder if that day will be in our time. The promise of Jesus’s return is what many Christians have held onto throughout the times. Am sure that once or twice or even a million times, there have been believers like us who have asked God how soon is soon and how near is near? I remember God clearly giving me an answer that all throughout my doubts and questions had never come to mind.

first, what is time to God? does He measure his day in hours or years like man? no. He is not limited by time because He isn’t subject to the natural laws of the universe. And if He was, just think about it, we are all but a vapor in the wind, here now and gone the next second, am sure our entire lifetimes could only be like a millisecond to God! secondly, it is written that Jesus is taking His time to return so as to give time to as many people as possible to save their lives (1st Timothy 2:4-6). How kind and gracious of Him.

Let your pain and despair not cloud your spiritual vision, in times of doubt do remember that in its proper time, the prophecy of the coming of the Lord will be fulfilled. As it is going to come like a thief in the night, lets us forever be wary and ready keeping ourselves pure so as to be pleasing to God.

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first post

Hmmn…   a lot harder than i anticipated. okay not hard..more of confusing really, especially for a computer “illiterate” like me. For once not even my good looks can help me. never have i been so desperate in life for “brains” like today.

well, first post up and ready for publishing!