scene 1

plot 256 sundry, kish valley. 3:45 pm

“And these were my mother’s pearls. she got them as a wedding gift from her aunt tabitha. They are the perfect complement to this shade of magenta.”

“Honestly Lois… i can’t…suppose,……….”

“Oh don’t be silly child, i wanted my daughter to have them after me and so you’ll wear them to the gala this evening and that is final!”

Yep..that was final alright. Lois, always patronizing… in her own good way though. Guess i needed that sometimes. Who in their right mind needed to be begged to wear natural, 18th century Persian pearls especially with the kind of event that the gala was? Nope, no one but me. And i was in my right mind… rightest mind if there was ever such a word.

I had to give this to Lois though after all, she had lost out on the dress…and the gloves..and the tiara… but seriously who still wears tiaras to events unless you’re queen. right? Infact even she has off days! I could not claim a total victory over the dress because i had to settle for magenta.. Lois’s fave color. A sacrifice i was willing to make so that we could leave the store for them to close..or else, never mind.

I  stood still for a while staring at my reflection in the mirror. The dress of floor length was inconspicuous yet alluring in a way. Don’t get me wrong here, i was still on my one year modesty challenge. Yes! even after starting again 54..rather 56 times. Come to think of it, the allure came from its promise of the lean figure it so masterfully obscured from view or must have been my chocolate complexion blending with the magenta. The bateau neckline flattered my broad shoulders and the fitted bodice emphasized my tiny bosom helped by the illusion created by the beaded belt around my waist, that was the attachment to the pleated skirt.

“Well….., hello there beautiful. do i know you?”

“Cut it Hazor! the young lady has no time for such flippant talk”

“Its okay to be jealous Lois… it is actually healthy. I must admit, you have made a queen out of her… just as you had promised. My girl you are such a beauty but how you manage to make it look otherwise, i gotta give it to you. Am scared i might lose you at the gala now.”

“Trust me..that might be the best thing that might happen to you because i’ll be glued to your arm and not even the metal detector will shake me off. ”



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